MTB measurements and photogrammetry

Projects and Customers

Since 1982

Leading projects surveyed by the MTB Survey and Photogrammetry Company over the past
years include:
• Mapping and marking all Israel Rail lines preparatory to the electrification of the
railway – 1000 kilometers of track.
• Marine surveys surrounding the gas drilling projects in Israel's and Cyprus's exclusive
economic zones.
• Locating and measuring subterranean infrastructure along Israel's highways
throughout the country, locating and surveying subterranean infrastructure along
the Israel Rail lines.
• Supervision of the construction of the Mifratz Port.
• Mapping and marking for the Israel Electric Company throughout the country.
• Mapping projects of transportation master plan of Jerusalem, the Ayalon Highway,
Mekorot, Bezek Netivei Tahbura Iro.
• Marking and routing the Jerusalem light rail.
• Supervision surveys of the development sites of the Carmel, Kishon, Yuval and
Mifratz Ports for the respective Port Authorities.
• A precise digital balance network to establish a national M.B system for the Survey
of Israel in the North and South of the Country. The work was performed over 600
kilometers at a precision of 0.1 mm/km (See accompanying letter from the Vice CEO
of the Survey of Israel)
• GPS based Control point system in the south of the country with a total length of
350 kilometers.
• A G1 control point system based on trigonometric balance, including control pount
• The Gilo Tunnels, Begin Tunnels, Rehasim Tunnels and Yokneam Tunnels were
marked and rounded by MTB.
• Precise geometric balancing in the Re’em Junction – Beit Shemesh – Jerusalem –
Dead Sea- Arad area.
• Between 1995-2018 the company undertook 8,000 surveys to fulfill urban
development, status maps and/or registration purpose plans for both private and
institutional clients.

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