M.T.B Surveys and Photogrammetry


About the Company

The MTB Group was founded in 1982.

The company today is one of the largest, most professional survey companies in Israel, a family company in which the first- and second-generation work in tandem. The company
stands prepared to provide land survey, photogrammetry, scans and imaging, BIM
measurements, infrastructure location and oceanic survey solutions.

– Measurements for property tax, municipal fee and surface area calculation
– Monitoring and performance measurements in many Israel Rail LTD projects.
– Measurements to plan the route of communication, lighting and electricity lines.
– Road, parking lot, infrastructure (drainage, system coordination and so forth) and
traffic routing planning.
– Measurements to design expansion and rehabilitation of existing roads.
– Rapid and widescale computerized topographical measurements.
– Surveys to plan expansion and rehabilitation of existing roads.
– Computerized, rapid and large scale topographical surveys.
– S.P.G based geodesic systems
– S.I.G. solutions incorporated in accepted programs such as AutoCAD
– Solutions for precise analytical balance associated problems (precision of up to +-0.1
– Survey services to plan and perform roads and earth work.
– Plans for registration purposes including accompaniment of the measurement
process in the Land Registry Office
– Bathymetric surveys
– Tunnel routing.
– Photogrammetry services.
– Measurements utilizing Multirotor drones and BIM model production.
– Interior surveys and schematic production utilizing scanners.

primary activities

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