Who we are?
The MATAV Group is an consulting firm that provides engineering, architecture, program and construction management, environmental planning. For nearly 30 years, we have been a devoted and trusted partner to Israel , state, and local government agencies; national, provincial, and local governments; multilateral institutions; and commercial industry. To this diverse client base we bring strategic vision and an entrepreneurial spirit, developing innovative solutions most challenging problems.

we operate with a commitment to integrity and hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethics, quality, and accountability. From our president to our teams in the field, we share a genuine sense of respect and stewardship for the places where we work and the people whose lives we impact.
The Matav Group is one of 3 firms that make up Matav Group Holdings. With a resource base of 112 dedicated employees and affiliate employees in Israels, we are able to respond to local conditions while providing clients with the technical resources and rapid response capabilities of a leading global organization.

Project Management
Major infrastructure programs require innovative and integrated approaches to ensure the successful completion of a program on-time and within budget from concept through commissioning. The Matav Group Group has provided program management support to some of the world’s most high-profile and complex programs for governments, commercial industry and multi-lateral institutions, in a variety of markets including transportation, facilities, energy, economic development, environment and water. Our worldwide presence provides our clients’ with a local focus and uniquely tailored solutions, yet we also can call upon the resources of a leading global organization with professionals ranging from project managers and engineers to environmental scientists and economists. As a result of our extensive experience, we have developed integrated systems and procedures that allow our professionals to manage an assignment from day one. The application of these services is custom designed to our clients’ needs and may range from a staff augmentation approach to full-line management.
  • Capital Planning and Budgeting
  • Construction Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Design Service Management
  • Issues Resolution
Key Clients
  • Israely. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Israel raillway company for International Development
  • Port Authority of Israel
  • MAAZ Israeli Transportation agency
  • Multilateral Institutions
  • Commercial Industry
  • Buildings & Facilities
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Reconstruction & Recovery
  • Transportation
  • Water
  • Development Economics
Our Projects
Road 60
Road 60 transportation project including bridges and tunnels in a politically complicated area and accomplishing highway from Jeruzalem the capital to beer sheba.
Haifa Port
The Port of Haifa is the largest of Israel's three major international seaports, which include the Port of Ashdod, and the Port of Eilat. It has a natural deep water harbor which operates all year long, and serves both passenger and merchant ships. It is one of the largest ports in the eastern Mediterranean in terms of freight volume and handles over 22 million tons of cargo each year. The port employs over 1,000 people, with the number rising to 5,000 when cruise ships dock in Haifa.[1] The Port of Haifa lies to the north of Haifa's downtown quarter on the Mediterranean, and streches to some 3 kilometers along the city's central shore with activities ranging from military, industrial and commercial next to a nowadays-smaller passenger cruising facility. Our company took part in the new project “Kishon port that double the area of the Haifa port
Eilat port
The Port of Eilat opened in 1957 and is today mainly used for trading with Far East countries. It allows Israeli shipping to reach the Indian Ocean without having to sail through the Suez Canal. Egyptian naval blockades of the Straits of Tiran which control access to Eilat featured prominently in the events which led to two major Arab-Israeli Conflicts: The Sinai War and the Six-Day War.

Ship traffic at Eilat is relatively low (compared to Israel's two large seaports on the Mediterranean). One reason is that Eilat is situated at a considerable distance from the center of the country. Another is the fact that unlike the country's other main seaports, Eilat's is yet to be served by a railway line (the nearest railhead is located hundreds of kilometers to the north). Also, coastal tourism uses compete with any prospects of expanding the port's facilities.

To alleviate the limitations imposed on the port's development, the government has proposed the "Southern Gateway" plan for the area. This proposal entails the construction of a massive combined air-rail-sea logistical center to be located in the desert north of the city. The details of this proposal include: relocating the current port to an excavated area north of the city, reachable by a 70m-wide, 7.5km-long canal built alongside the Jordanian border from the Gulf of Aqaba, the construction of a new international airport within the vicinity, and the extension of the railway from the Nahal Zin railhead to the port and airport. International investors such as the South African Harris Group of Companies[1] and Donald Trump have expressed interest in the project. The relocation of the port will free up a considerable amount of coastline on the gulf for redevelopment for tourism purposes and connection of the port to Israel Railways' network would ensure a significant increase in the amount of cargo traffic passing through the port.

In January 2012, the Minister of Transportation instructed the Israel Port Authority to begin a preliminary survey of the land to determine the optimal location of an excavated port north of Eilat.[2][3]

Matav take a part in the planning and project management of eilat port and the development of the area since 1996 .

Ashdod port
Port of Ashdod is one of Israel's two main cargo ports. The port is located in Ashdod, about 40 kilometers south of Tel Aviv, adjoining the mouth of the Lachish River. Its establishment significantly enhanced the country's port capacity. It is a major point of entry for both cargo and tourists in and out of Israel, as well as imported military equipment. Ships carrying humanitarian aid for the Gaza Strip also unload their cargo at the port.

Since 1996 Matav take place in the project that double extend the port by managing the building of the HAYOVEL PORT

Railroads in Israel
Since 1996 Matav was involved in the procedure of expending the israely railwas From 150 km km of railways to o more than 5000 km of modern transportation net all over the country.
Surveying &
MATAV Engineering
MATAV is a worldwide leading Photogrammetric Mapping and Aerial Photography Application service firms .

Our years of experience, expertise and dedication to our clients have allowed us to follow a steady growth path since our inception in 1980. The fact that90 % of our business is from repeating clients is a clear demonstration of our commitment to our clients .

MATAV is one of the first companies in Israelu owning lidar system lynks system and areal lidar equipment . Our new and unique Systems are the most innovative and precise digital laser system available today.

MATAV owns the and Piper Navajo Chieftain Aircraft, operating and licensed from Airport. in usa and europe The Aircraft is equipped with Carl Zeiss Intergraph's Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera, Optech ALTM Gemini 167 LIDAR, and RMK Top 15/23 aerial camera system with 6" focal length camera.

Aerial Acquisitions
  • Digital Aerial Photography
  • Film-Based Photography
  • Airborne GPS / IMU
  • Airborne LIDAR DEM / DTM
LYNX Mobile Mapper
MATAV proud to announce the launch of the LYNX Mobile MapperTM. Over three years in development, the LYNX Mobile Mapper represents the next generation of lidar technology. The new lidar is bundled into a mobile mapping solution with the accuracy, robustness and support that Optech users have come to expect.

“Optech is proud to add the LYNX Mobile Mapper system to our growing family of lidar products,” said Optech President Don Carswell. “While establishing a new state of the art for mobile mapping technology, Optech’s LYNX Mobile Mapper also possesses a feature set and support plan that will be familiar to our current ALTM operators and ILRIS-3D users.”

The LYNX Mobile Mapper boasts a revolutionary new lidar sensor head that leverages Optech’s 33 years of development experience and the latest in lidar innovation – iFLEX - to collect survey-grade lidar data at over 100,000 measurements per second with a 360º FOV, while maintaining a Class 1 eye safety rating.

The LYNX mobile mapping solution, while accommodating up to four lidar sensor heads, fuses the lidar data with an on-board passive imaging system, the Trimble/Applanix POS LV system and a tried and tested operational software platform to produce survey grade 3D data from a mobile vehicular platform.

“Ground based mobile surveying is a large growth area that complements static lidar and other conventional collection technologies,“Until now, mobile lidar mapping has been executed with home grown systems using lidar sensors that were not specifically designed for mobile applications. The LYNX Mobile Mapper has changed this landscape by employing the latest in lidar innovation, task specific for conducting 3D surveys from a mobile vehicular platform.”

With the mobile mapper we can supply precise plans (1:250-1:100) of 200 miles of highways and realway per day.

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